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You hear the word engraving machine sounds a bit wrong

by:Ludiao     2020-09-30
In the process of normal use of engraving machine, if found running sound bigger than ever, we need to pay attention to. Because sound could mean to certain parts of the machine failure. According to the usage of the machine, the general part of sound increase of this a few places: the rotation of the spindle motor, rack and meshing gear shaft, slide block and guide rail friction, grinding blade is gone. Abnormal sound, after a careful look at the first sound is roughly what part. Abnormal spindle is better judgment, as long as a open spindle can hear. Most of this kind of problem is the noise from the spindle bearing wear. It will be because of wear degree is more and more serious, finally need to replace new bearing. If a rack and axial meshing teeth problems, it is best to add some butter running back and forth several times, this kind of problem most commonly results from the machine daily maintenance is not timely, if need to change the gear shaft of the relief engraving machine. Slider problems more troubling, generally it is difficult to determine which is broken, we can according to the above the guideway scratches. Remove the dao and see if it is problem.
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