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Woodworking machinery woodworking lathe safety operation procedures

by:Ludiao     2020-09-17
machinery manufacturers - experience sharing - - - - - machinery woodworking lathe safety operating rules: 1, the wood after clamping, must turn the chuck by hand to correct, and check the tool holder and tool post top screw is rigid, then test power supply is connected; 2, more than 100 mm long, processing must be used when the tailstock top top prison; 3, the cutting tool, tool rod stretched out the length of the tool carrier to less than 50 mm. The length of the tool holder to keep 150 mm. When processing a great work pieces ( More than 500 mm in diameter) Must be on the head with the cutting tool, cutting tool to clip, feed not too hard; 4, small workpiece with a knot, no knife cut, the workpiece with a knot don't drive too fast, the wood have other hard things to keep clear of in time, otherwise no processing; 5, turning with irregular edges and wood, should first part with fixed tool cutting edges, fine machining again with the car; 6, turning the knife, feed quantity is smaller. With emery cloth and sand paper polishing, it must be right in front, left behind, the strength should be uniform, 7, wood turning glue, it must be placed 24 hours rear can on a lathe processing; 8, lathe speed according to the dimension and material of the machined part, not too fast, to prevent fly out of hurt; 9, maintenance procedures: every day, 10 (1) the operator must be testing of the moving parts of a oil and clean; (2) the mechanics for repairs to the transmission parts regularly. Double plane 1, equipment safety regulations on all rotating parts must be equipped with safety protection cover, correct use; 2, before closing or boot, must inform the staff at attention, then closing boot, empty machine running a minute, no abnormal phenomenon can work, it is forbidden to take failure use; 3 and homework, absolutely a planing two pieces of different materials, specifications of the wood; 4, maintain smooth feeding, such as found material walk cross or stuck, should reduce downtime mesa to take out the wood; 5, planing quantity should be 2 - every time 8 mm, if hard wood, in addition to decrease planing should also reduce the feeding speed; 6, feeding, it must be advanced, and pay attention to prevent be dressed timber springback hurt at any time; 7, be dressed timber length cannot be shorter than before and after the roller center distance, when the plane is short of material must be continuous feeding; 8, replacing the blade, the same on the cutter shaft weight and thickness of the blade and the blade lock screw must agree, pressure knife cut against must be cleaned and tighten the screw blade, the force should be uniform, shall not be too tight or too loose. 9, scheduling, the feeding speed must be in operation scheduling; 10, the processing of wood not dig out do not drop operation, so as not to damage the lifting gear; 11, after the completion of the work, to cut off the power switch, cleaning machine; 12, maintenance procedures: this machine operators must every day to oiling machine elevator parts, clean and check the automatic injection system; Mechanics to filling equipment butter once a month, each quarter should make a comprehensive inspection for the machine.
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