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Woodworking machinery technology 'ageing' industry needs to develop new technology

by:Ludiao     2020-09-30
A sawing logs multi-disc can replace traditional four band saw, filled the gap of wood processing industry in China the number the device adopted a new structure and new technology, by the relevant department of science and technology novelty search, belong to domestic initiation, technology reached the international advanced level. Aimed at the characteristics of the southern mill diameter log is 20 cm more, the device can log on the diameter of less than, half log, square and sawing wood. High efficiency, high precision, because it can be a sawing a log into many pieces preset specifications sheet, high degree of automation. Due to the blade thickness is 1. 5 - 1. 7 mm, with general saw blade 2. 5 - 3. 0 mm, compared to the thickness of the cutting saw road loss than other sawing machine was reduced by 46%, on the contrary, the material rate is as high as 76% to 80%, the lumber utilization rate of about 27% higher than that of other kinds of sawing machine, and cutting process is stable, sawing plate of uniform thickness, smooth surface, uniform smoothness high precision, also can reduce half a wood surface finishing process. At the same time, because the motor power is smaller, the device power consumption reduced by 25% to 40%. It is understood that at present the equipment has been put into mass production. Because the product is very close to the demand, domestic and international market space is very big, has the good economic and social benefits. The machine main features: 1. Mainly used for longitudinal cutting path wood logs, according to a preset size of feed can be saw a piece of sheet metal, widely used in the joinery board, refers to the plate factory before trail material log saws cutting process. 2. Relative to the band saw high machining efficiency, high precision, simple and convenient operation, technical requirements of operating workers is not high, make up for the band saw machine precision is low, the shortcomings of low efficiency, high operating technical requirements. 3. Saw blade cooling device, it is not easy to burn saw blades, prolong the service life of the saw blade. 4. Double row teeth chain feeding, easy maintenance. 5. Discharge side has the initiative is expected to guide, not easy to clip blade, improves the flow of feed. 6. The spindle box in a guide rail and feeding equipment with manual lubrication oil pump, prolong the service life of the guide rail.
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