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Woodworking machinery rely on a new stage of comprehensive strength to participate in market competition

by:Ludiao     2020-09-07
machinery in recent years, the development trend: first of all, because of the woodworking machinery industry small relative to the other industry product differentiation degree, so the cost of love is still in the future market competition of the key factors. Second, the scale expansion trend of manufacturers and industry vertical integration trend in faster speed, a fast growth of high-quality companies will increasingly become the dominant force in the future market competition. Again, in order to scale, technology, brand, management and service of enterprise comprehensive competition ability is important; machinery and the economic developed areas will continue to maintain a large and active consumption demand, is conducive to voters in the regions such as the advantages of the further development of the enterprise. Finally, the pace of the domestic enterprises to enter the international market will be further accelerated, especially in the coastal area already has a good international market development foundation of large-scale enterprise, its exports is expected to remain relatively fast growth. At present, our country is at the middle stage of industrialization, as a result, the proportion of consumption is much lower than the developed countries. With the advancement of China's industrialization process, the proportion of cnc woodworking machine machinery consumption is bound to present the rising trend.
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