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Woodworking machinery industry development bottleneck

by:Ludiao     2020-09-20
Nowadays, with increasingly fierce market competition, cnc woodworking machine machinery industry woodworking machinery enterprise calls relating to the product innovation is also more and more high. In the moment of the cnc woodworking machine machinery market, all kinds of cnc woodworking machine machinery products, vientiane, which is the embodiment of the woodworking machinery enterprise YingShi positive attitude, on the other hand this innovation also gradually mapping out some problems on the market at present. machinery product innovation into reverse inverse bureau key enterprises with the development of domestic market economy, large domestic woodworking machinery industry market environment has changed, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. In recent years, the homogeneity problem intensified woodworking machinery industry, product design copied agitation is prevalent, which are seriously hindered the normal development of woodworking machinery industry. Facing this a series of adverse phenomenon of industry, more and more companies are beginning to think of the problems of innovation, innovation has become a hot words of debateamong machinery, woodworking machinery industry. For woodworking machinery enterprise, innovation isn't just a buzzword, Shouting slogans is done. On the one hand, with the rapid social development, people's material and cultural life level increased year by year, people are changing to the requirement of woodworking machinery products, personalized needs more and more obvious. , on the other hand, along with numerous marketing, consumer's overall fitness and rational degree have been greatly promoted, the concept of innovation is likely to attract consumers, but the consumer is not a fool, and no real innovative products, enterprise is keep consumers' hearts. machinery enterprise product innovation cannot stay on the surface of the woodworking machinery industry belongs to the traditional mechanical building materials industry in China, its historical inheritance of genes. machinery enterprise, therefore, when doing product innovation, not to overthrow, innovation is optimized on the basis of the original, is not totally subversive. Throughout the woodworking machinery market, the enterprise research and development department how many so-called innovation item is on the shelf? How many new product becomes to swallow of the burden? For general woodworking machinery enterprises, it does not have the cultivation of the big companies have money, cycle, ability and strength of consumers. Therefore, the enterprise in product innovation, never play concept, also don't take the consumer as a fool. Because consumers will only silly for a while, but will not be silly for a lifetime, let alone in such a developed day of information communication technology, in the similar WeChat circle of friends as the core of the media highly developed today. Therefore, in today's society, of woodworking machinery enterprises and consumers should be more timely and effective communication and trust, unless enterprises want to play a gun in one place, but this is not the path to the long-term development of an enterprise, is not an entrepreneur should some management thinking.
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