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Woodworking machinery how to play the 'private domain', seeking to liquidate draught?

by:Ludiao     2020-09-09
Many people believe that private domain are factories and brands to play, is only a layman chip woodworking machinery dealers. It really is that so? Millet CEO lei jun often mention a word about the mobile Internet, standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly. Today I quote this sentence is to illustrate the essence of success is to find the tuyere, for those routes. 1 wooden door cnc woodworking machine machinery dealers. Determine the premise of precipitation private domain core carrier landing is to determine what is the carrier of the private domain, and through the private domain for really want to achieve stability for the guest, WeChat relative to the app, service number, small programs, etc. It must be have a lot of advantages. WeChat function not QQ, but this is the social function than single QQ software to replace the QQ software years of dominance. Carrier and the private domain of the final choice must still should fall in function, communication tools as a carrier of dealing with people most frequently, almost every day used by countless times to open, and current research situation for most of the people of the highest viscosity communication tools is WeChat, relative to other platforms, its operation is more simple, the specification and novice greatly reduces the operating difficulty. And WeChat is introduced in a few years the number of users reached new highs, today the number of users has super billion, such a large user community provides a suitable for the development of the private domain. Therefore, the author thinks that WeChat is our daily contact most, also is easier to play, as precipitation carrier, WeChat must be preferred. Online marketing 2, how to build and operate the private domain? Whether already pay for old customers, or into the shop, was not immediately after the transformation of new customers, or sweep the floor, hair turn is sales by single methods such as access to potential customers, but that each can be touches one of us can be lead into the private domain, the source of our private domain to early not limits, because the private domain is a group class vocabulary, only reach a certain number of have the possibility and necessity of the operation. Lot of cnc woodworking machine machinery dealers are wondering: what time is the drainage of the private domain is more appropriate? Is into the shop, just add buddy or while waiting for the payment to add? In principle must be in the shortest possible time to add friends, and then began to continue, if you want to wait to have is the time to sign the bill customers add, lose some of the infinite possibilities in the middle. machinery dealers at any appropriate opportunity drainage private domain, can be in the store and friends give gifts, vouchers, can also be added into the shop, friends forwarding professional knowledge and classic case, of course, after the purchase quality maintenance, paid to introduce is a good time to reserve the private domain. At any time to remember, woodworking machinery dealers within the service area is the purpose of all consumers, and all is already spending and consumer groups combined, not only to deal with existing customers after-sales problem.
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