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Woodworking machinery fault analysis of peace plane using method

by:Ludiao     2020-09-20
machinery is to point to in the wood processing, wood processing and processing of semi-finished products become wood of machine tools. Furniture machinery is an important part of cnc woodworking machine machinery. machine processing object is wood. Wood is discovered the use of the earlier a raw material, and human lives, the line, with has the close relation. Human beings in the long-term practice has accumulated rich experience in wood processing. machine is through the long-term production practice, and constantly find, continuously explore and constantly creating and developing. Distance alarm and disarm overtravel, all axes are automatically set in dynamic state, as long as hold the direction key manually, when machine left limit position ( From the distance point switch) Restore the connection at any time when the motions. Pay attention to the direction of the movement, when moving workbench to stay away from the limit position. Soft limit alarm to XYZ can be reset in the coordinate setting. 1 the output fault. Don't output, please check whether the computer and control box is connected well. Open the carving whether manager set in the space is full, delete unused files in manager. Signal connection is loose, carefully check whether each line connection. Carving failure 1, whether the parts of the screws is loose. Check their processing path is correct. If the file is too big error is processed by the computer. Increase or decrease of spindle speed, so as to adapt to different materials, General is 8000 - 24000). Chuck unscrew the knife, the knife clamping turn a direction, put the knife is, lest sculpture objects is bright and clean. Check whether the tool is hurt, change new sword to sculpture. Flat plane is one of the important mechanical wood processing industry, if use undeserved, may cause mechanical failure, even harm to operators. So, in order to reduce the fault of hair, in the use of flat plane should pay attention to the following method: 1, when the plane is short of material, the length shall not be shorter than before and after the pressure roll distance; Plane is less than 10 mm thick timber, to pad plate. 2, material and the material is allowed to wear gloves, and should stand at the side of the machine tool. Planing amount shall not exceed 5 mm at a time. 3, feed to straight, find materials go horizontal or stuck, should reduce downtime correct the mesa. Meet scleroma should slow down the feed speed, feed the fingers to leave roller is 200 mm, and to work out of the mesa. 4, machine tool shall adopt unidirectional switch only, not by reversing two-way switch. Third, the all round, in order to start. In the use of flat plane, only to abide by the rules, can reduce the flat plane failure, will not cause harm to operators.
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