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Woodworking machinery enterprise still need to continuously strengthen the brand innovation

by:Ludiao     2020-09-13
Compared with foreign advanced woodworking machinery brands, domestic woodworking machinery brand in economic strength, product quality and research level, management foundation, market marketing ability, etc, there are quite a gap. At the same time, the current domestic woodworking machinery enterprise short-sighted behaviour exists in the brand strategy, product strategy is limited to product sales. This situation lead to domestic woodworking machinery enterprise to brands that are numbered, while in a foreign country can hardly see domestic woodworking machinery brand quality in the market of the seats. Indeed, because most of the domestic woodworking machinery enterprise on a smaller scale, domestic woodworking machinery brand to large-scale advertising, brand awareness is difficult to improve, some agents mercenary short-term business concept also caused damage to the enterprise. In addition, the high quality product and the current situation of excess supply low quality products for domestic cnc woodworking machine machinery enterprises. Pain points problems need to solve in through collecting consumer demand research and user feedback, with the heart of the artisans from the pain points to solve the problem of individual consumer groups, break the woodworking machinery industry management concept of homogeneity is the focus of the woodworking machinery industry development. So the era of woodworking machinery enterprises need to seize the Internet consumer demand of individuation, differentiation trend, initiate a future-oriented, user-oriented requirements standard products and solutions to innovation. machinery enterprises must continuously strengthen the brand innovation in the brand construction and propaganda, cultivate enterprise crisis consciousness, and establish a series of brand crisis measures. First of all, woodworking machinery enterprises need to develop a set of perfect development strategy, starting from the enterprise overall, long-term development as the goal, to decide the development direction of cnc woodworking machine machinery enterprises, the allocation of resources, etc. Secondly, woodworking machinery enterprise needs to establish the overall public relations and the marketing idea and competitive consciousness, improve staff knowledge and understanding of brand crisis, produce certain psychological prevention ability, not in crisis. Again, woodworking machinery enterprise must strengthen anti-counterfeiting, don't let the own brand become others umbrella of counterfeiting, counterfeit and shoddy products across not only not conducive to the sale of their products, also caused irreparable damage to the influence of the brand. Finally, woodworking machinery enterprise must be the correct brand extension, when using a successful brand to promote new products, woodworking machinery enterprises must pay attention to the rationality of the brand extension and uniformity, products and brands to appropriate separation. In the era of positioning, brand woodworking machinery can management concept, namely, the property of the product, this depends on the environment of a single advertising and immature technology conditions. Today can product fails, iterative speed greatly, competitors imitate, features that will be a trend. Truly worthy of careful management, is similar to the more fundamental idea innovation, fever, originality. Manages the idea to keep the brand young, also can let the advertising has a continuity of the burnout.
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