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Woodworking machinery enterprise need to perfect the management mechanism

by:Ludiao     2020-09-11
machinery enterprise at the beginning of the creation, basic is only more than a life. A lot of cnc woodworking machine machinery dealers in the start-up phase, a man is a boss and the salesman or drivers, delivery receipt is do yourself, this time the boss as a super salesman role, its focus is to sell, at this stage, hands-on boss is familiar with the industry and has accumulated rich experience in the market. However, with increasingly fierce market competition environment, increasing the scale of the company, in the original operating mode, the boss are overwhelmed, companies want to move to the previous step are difficult. Competition in reality forced boss itself to change the status quo. And then to the boss, the organizers from the salesman to the market shift, is the first step in the transformation of its implementation is very difficult. The results tend to be the boss calls the shots, because there is no set a good promotion system of rewards and punishments. Whether the salesman or the following assistants to all have no a good positive state. Results good without retaining employees, the company personnel to lax. machinery enterprises need to improve the execution cnc woodworking machine machinery enterprise system that set down, it should be carried out. No can be accomplished without norms or standards, the change of the enterprise system also let employees in the system change and become loose, management system has become a dead letter, lead to more coherent, farce to chop and change the total within the company. Actually employees dread most boss is constantly changing, obviously a stable system is easier to get the employee's identity, increase the staff's centripetal force, at the same time, combined with the boss says, in deed, the company system timely cash tend to be more conducive to attract good staff. Because no matter the boss at that time, the prospects of the company to describe how good, all employees work is around the survival and development of the ultimate foothold, if employees have no fair in terms of the survival and development, so all the work is only a castle in the air, the staff loyalty is impossible. It does require the boss take practical action to avoid empty talk, be sure to think twice before making system, and unswervingly implement the system.
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