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Woodworking machinery enterprise development need mentality more composed

by:Ludiao     2020-09-15
Efforts to make the enterprise scale, understandable, and enterprise development path. But in the enterprise foundation is not solid enough, to the size of the market and expand the size of the market development strategy is a little bit presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. The purpose of enterprise development is that can be more long-term profit. machinery industry unprecedented fierce competition now, by strengthening enterprise's strength, keep their business territory under the premise of development is the basic way of development. But blindly expand the scale of the enterprise market, not only increased the enterprise the management difficulty, and to a certain extent, generate funds risk, easy to cause the enterprise penny wise and pound foolish & ndash; — Neglect the development of the enterprise. Blind enclosure energy consumption of cnc woodworking machine machinery enterprises to remove the psychological effects of enclosure for woodworking machinery enterprise and high risk, the management of an enterprise energy and always have a limited range, so there is no limit to the expansion of scale and enclosure, will make the enterprise energy too scattered, lead to the management of the core department, ensure the effective operation of the normal business. If appear negligence on channel, will affect the whole enterprise reputation in the industry, to the enterprise spirit damage. Enclosure distraction caused enterprise channel problems, will cause a lot of energy and material cost, enterprises in order to make up the loss will be more enclosure. Finally get into a terrible vicious circle. High risk behavior without high income, the enterprise will face funding, even because of this fast business enclosure behavior is not worth the companies to follow, this does not conform to the social sustainable development trend of operation mode not only can let enterprise failing, could also harm the interests of the whole society. And these are manifestations of woodworking machinery enterprises impetuous mentality. machinery enterprise expansion will come onside domestic woodworking machinery enterprise there are many kinds of model of development. Has slowly but surely, cling to the engineering quality, as the enterprise life; Depend on the price advantage, cut corners; A stability by engineering with strong local government relations; There is a pay attention to the investment promotion is more exaggerated, the dealer as a tool of enterprise encircling money. But there are also pay attention to quality and service model of enterprise, they see the channel for the enterprise life. Economic research institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is a senior fellow at once put forward several problems: how to gather the entrepreneurial success of small firms crown? Big companies how to avoid the fate of the slip up? How to build our own longevity company? How to set up Chinese aircraft carrier? Actually for woodworking machinery enterprises in China, the attitude is more important than money, rational, objective, dialectical spirit pillar and the way of thinking is more important than rounds of business opportunity. In the market competition of the gold and sand, cnc woodworking machine machinery enterprise must sink to make development. Want to know the market such as the sea, undercurrent is everywhere, the enterprise must grasp the good state of mind, firmly hold the ship, to ensure that he is not involved in the undercurrent. Enterprise expansion is the inevitable trend of enterprise development, but the expansion also need our strengths, also must be according to the specific economic environment, the final result of blind expansion is likely to be wiped out.
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