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Woodworking machinery enterprise core competitiveness gradually decomposition realizes the transformation from 10 to 100

by:Ludiao     2020-09-10
Transformation or career confusion, even some companies come to the conclusion that transition means giving up everything. It is this thesis, some business owners worry about transition is about to throw away all the things before, give up the previous achievements, to start a business, to endure bitter suffering, so have been reluctant to transformation. At the end of the day, the process of from 10 to 100, in fact is the core competitiveness decompose step by step, into a more favorable enterprise development power, rather than giving up everything and start again. Transformation of cnc woodworking machine machinery is a marathon enterprises should be combined with the environment change constantly adjust their own state say transformation is a marathon, because the transformation of a system and continuous process, you stop a little, probably left behind by others. machinery to keep walking, the first to test enterprise's endurance. The average person would think that the traditional manufacturing industry both in hardware and software, because of its heavy body is lagging behind the others, so set light faster than a suit of Internet enterprises will become a traditional zui big competitors, alibaba in recent years the rapid development of the domestic Internet sector development up to a certain height. But some further our sights, portable fast or can realize speed of the bend, but not suitable to appear in a marathon, running test is more endurance, traditional enterprise is heavy but wins in endurance, when everyone else breath can still be average. Heavy, of course, is not entirely representative have stamina, as the weight in the human body health, sometimes too heavy to innovate a habit. Second, run win the marathon, will also depend on you in each of the key points of explosive. For enterprises, the explosive force is the enterprise in each of the key turning point to make the right decisions, also is in the long transition process, the enterprise in combination with the surrounding environment changes constantly adjust their own state, time to a zui quality of athletes run all the way. machinery enterprise transformation is already the marathon, whether has to run or joined, keep a sober mind, pay attention to the rhythm and pace, to make you see the direction, run faster, insist on longer.
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