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Woodworking machinery daily production safety operating procedures

by:Ludiao     2020-09-09
A, the use of cnc woodworking machine machinery shall comply with the following requirements: 1, grease, and must be added before starting the first commissioning, after waiting for each parts working properly, can begin to work; 2, mechanical operation, if there is any abnormal sound or failure occurs, should cut off power supply, and repairs; 3, operating personnel work, to fasten the button and cuff, manage their skirts, it is forbidden to wear gloves operation; Must wear working cap with long hair, long hair may not appear; Rotating part 4, cnc woodworking machine machinery, to furnish shield or shield; Work in replacing planer knives, saw blades, drill bits, or tool, must cut off the power and stop running the rear can be removed; 2, 1, before start the band saw, band saw blade must be checked for tightness of crack, distortion and saw blade. Such as blade tooth flank of crack length more than 1/6 of the width of blade, saw blade joint more than three, the saw blade middle and back have crack, saw blade crack joint more than 10 mm, are not allowed to use. Tightness of saw blade should be adjusted according to the blade thickness, width, after test run normally, can begin to work. 2, log into the saw before, should remove nails and gravel and other debris. Sports car on the log to stability, into the sawing speed to uniform. Cut wood with a cramp or rod fixation after processing. 3, shall not be more than mechanical rules limit to heavy log. A long timber processing, it must be equipped with deputy to assist the work. 4, can not contact with wet or oily fingers start switch and other electrical equipment. Such as electrical equipment failure or damage occurs, shall not remove the check. 5, sports car start, before and after the sports car and not someone moving or stay on both sides saw blade. 6, using the platform bandsaw, hands on operator conformed to hand the hand must not be sent to the following, should lay material such as sawing head out of the 20 cm, before picking. 7, small platform of electric switch along with open, closed immediately after use. Platform band saw timber processing back to the way, the wood after leaving the blade 2 ~ 5 cm, can pick up. In case of power cuts in 8, homework, switch should be closed and prevent calls after mechanical rotation caused by the accident. 9, the band sawing machine repair or loan bundles of saw blade, should step tight end of saw blade, controlled release, in case of saw blade volume cuts back. File when the saw blade, to wear safety glasses. The grinding wheel of band saw due and shield, operation should be standing on the grinding wheel profile. 10, connecting the saw blade, must joint tight, smooth, uniform, thickness. Three, disk saw 1, operators should wear protective glasses, stand at the side of the saw blade, standing on the saw blade the same straight line is prohibited. Saw blade must be installed above the safety barrier and water facilities. Saw blade can not have connection broken teeth. 2, behind the saw blade is working well for homework. Material to work out the saw blade 15 cm, may not be hard to pull with the hand, sawing wood to close to the end, the pulley by hand, started not pushed by hand. 3, homework about material shall not be raised or throw in the process, must be close to fall back on. Feeding force wants even, may not be too hard and in the wood section should slow down. Shall not use timber parking brake saw blade force. Change the saw blade, such as natural vaguely saw blade rear can be carried out. 4, short length less than 50 cm, may not be on the saw. Semi-finished products, and leftover material should be piled up neatly. Four, flat plane machine 1, should be prior to material such as nails, grey scale and ice debris removal, to operate. 2, should be based on the plane of wood material, adjust the plane feeding speed. In my finger on the wood section shall be strictly prohibited. 3, planing wood bedding face, hands must be on the top of the wood; Small plane wood surface, hand can be placed in the upper half of the wood material. Fingers must be from the cutting mouth more than 3 cm, planing amount shall not exceed 1 at a time. 5mm。 By plane material length more than 2 m, it must be two people. Head across the plane mouth after 20 cm, lay the operator can meet expected, but not yank. 4, activity of mesa, adjusting cutting volume, must cut off the current stop running the rear can be adjusted, to prevent contact with the cutter mesa cause an accident. 5, tool post plywood must level off against. Alloy blade weld height limit of the cutting head. Fixed blade screw should clamp into the slot, away from the knife back shall not be less than 10 mm. 6, horizontal plane of the work, the operator shall not move the hand in security in the baffle side baffle, shall not dismantle safety barrier for planing. 7, the material need switching planing, must leave plane material with both hands, and pay attention to the surrounding environment, to prevent injury. Five, the pressure planer 1, planing machine must use a single switch, reversing switch shall not be used; 2, feed must be straight, found materials go cross or screens, should correct the downtime; Special operators, the fingers should be left roller to 20 cm, material must work to send a face; 3, the operator should stand at the side of the machine tool operation, each cutting amount shall not exceed 3 mm; 4, the plane materials shall not be shorter than before and after the pressure roll distance; When thickness of less than 1 cm, must pad plate.
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