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Woodworking machinery daily maintenance and maintenance knowledge

by:Ludiao     2020-09-09
machinery electric equipment to work under the environment of high temperature often fail, which affects the utilization of the machine. Use manufacturer in the case of not understanding why is often mistakenly assume that mechanical damage, in fact as long as to master the use of scientific methods, emphasis on electrical maintenance and repair, these nonmaterial electrical fault can be ruled out completely. In woodworking machinery service often encounter clients reflect a variety of electrical fault, such as electric heating doesn't work; The host can't roll; FM motor cannot; Electric control display shows unstable; Electric control guidance system failures, etc. Causes of the above failure in addition to the original individual are electrical appliances quality is bad, mostly for lack of voltage, electric control panel capacity is insufficient, electrical lines caused by aging compressors power imbalance between electric circuit. If not timely maintenance, meeting the above situation will cause the motor burn out, electrical instrumentation failure, electrical short circuit and electric heating original damage, even cause electrical fire accident. Thus reproduce electrical maintenance and repair is to eliminate the fault, reduce the important link of the production, to prevent electrical catastrophe insurance. 1, scientific estimate machine electrical power, reasonable allocation meters capacity. Furniture manufacturers in new machinery and equipment must be recalculated after the enterprise, the power consumption of the total capacity of the original electric capacity not enough must be expanded, and can't wait until there is something wrong with the machine capacity. Optical devices do not increase power capacity, is buried under the appliance of disaster risk hidden trouble. 2, regularly check the electrical circuit, replace the old line not enough cable sectional area and ensure that the needs of the mechanical electrical appliances. Summer, air conditioning, electric fan, such as civil consumes a lot of, is bound to produce the phenomenon of insufficient voltage, affect the operation of woodworking machinery appliances. Under the condition of the regional voltage stability and voltage instability inside the unit can consider replacement cable; In the case of regional voltage instability to consider expansion and replace the cable. 3, adjust the power frequency, rational utilization of energy. machinery electricity power is small, in the furniture production to reasonable collocation of mechanical power sizes, keep the relative balance of mechanical electricity power per unit time. To avoid the peak time to open the machine, for example, can reduce the machine failure happened due to lack of electricity. 4, equipped with full-time or part-time appliance maintenance personnel, for woodworking machinery electrical maintenance on a regular basis. machinery electric equipment for maintenance personnel professional level the demand is higher, on general electric appliance factory is difficult, we still have some difficulties in mechanical electrical maintenance. But can be in machine manufacturers, under the guidance of appliances for daily maintenance and preventive maintenance, always out of woodworking machinery electric equipment in use process produce accident hidden danger. Therefore, attaches great importance to the cnc woodworking machine machinery electrical maintenance, to eliminate electrical fault and prolong the service life of mechanical, guarantee the normal production is very beneficial.
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