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Woodworking machine maintenance items

by:Ludiao     2020-09-06
cutting machine gets more and more widely used for its excellent quality, as a kind of complex mechanical equipment, wood cutting machine have a lot of attention for operation and maintenance of woodworking machinery automatic cutting vendors would today to introduce the use of woodworking machine of some taboo: the first point: when plugged in woodworking machine running, you need to use with rated voltage corresponding to the power supply, otherwise it will cause the woodworking machine damage. The second point: the cnc woodworking machine cutting machine mainly composed of various metal parts, so woodworking cutting machine can't placed in damp environment for a long period of time, otherwise the corrosion of woodworking cutting machine is very strong, reduce woodworking cutting machine service life. The third point: if in the use of woodworking machine appeared in the process of the phenomenon such as smell or noise and the smoke, must immediately shut down woodworking cutting mechanical and electrical source, and check of woodworking cutting machine in detail. Fourth: it is strictly prohibited in the installation and debugging thunder or rainy weather woodworking machine. Fifth: the use of woodworking cutting machine it is forbidden to change or to detract from the original accessories of woodworking cutting machine, cable and so on. Original accessories are configured according to the requirements of the corresponding woodworking cutting machine, if change, unnecessary damage or accident may occur.
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