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Woodworking engraving machine tools selection

by:Ludiao     2020-09-24
engraving machine is mainly used for machining of wood, to make it more beautiful. Various types of cnc woodworking machine engraving machine sold on the market at present, the quality of the product price also is uneven, so need to choose carefully when buy. Questions about woodworking engraving machine tool selection carved vendors would introduce for everybody! ! 1, precision small anaglyph processing, it is recommended to use round bottom knives. 2. Cork, density board, the original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep anaglyph processing, recommend using single blade helical ball end milling cutter. 3. On the following burr-free cutting processing, recommend using single blade and double incised on the milling cutter. 4. High density board, wood is recommended to use edge milling cutter. 5. Multilayer board, plywood processing, recommend using double straight slot milling cutter. 6. The use effect of incised knife, processing product surface without burr, won't become warped plate processing. 7. Acrylic mirror sculpture processing is recommended to use diamond graver. 8. Rough machining such as particieboard is recommended to use more stripes milling cutter. 9, acrylic cutting processing, recommend using single blade spiral milling cutter, characterized by processing the smokeless tasteless, quick speed, high efficiency, non-stick crumbs, real environmental protection, the special manufacturing process to ensure that processing acrylic no cracking-off, very fine grain, Even without a knife) , the surface is bright and clean level off. Machining surface to achieve frosted effect, it is recommended to use double three blade spiral milling cutter. Engraving machine number is complete, the leading brand of nc processing equipment, the company will be adhering to the 'quality first, innovation as the soul' business philosophy, to create the most valuable product, the product appearance, performance and precision are to achieve the perfect combination, a variety of models, all kinds of series of products to meet the needs of different users realize a win-win with customers.
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