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Wood brush polish machine uses abrasive cloth strips, sisal and abrasive rolls as abrasives to sharpen the edge of the workpiece, the surface burrs and the edge of the workpiece after painting; the function is complete, the processing range is wide, mainly used for the door plate and the bottom plate. Paint polishing, including solid wood doors, composite doors, sticker doors, cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, and other door panels, such as PU, paint panels, primer panels, polishing of white workpieces can be used. It can replace the polishing worker to complete the work efficiently.

This wood polish machine can be used to polish various board by giving thickness and it suits to polish solid wood door, veneer board, shaving board, cement board fibre board .middle-density fibrous board frame etc This machine consists of frame feeding device lifting device, electrical device and automatic control device This machine has two thickness rollers and a sanding pad, sanding pad can work alone Board processing surface more meticulous, high efficiency

This wood door polish machine is suitable for

Interior doors: PVC wood door, Molding press door, Wood composite door, Solid wood door

Cupboard door: MDF door, American cabinet, variety of solid wood cabinet doors

Lines: Door line, Moulding line, Woodline

Artwork: all kinds of wooden crafts, etc.

Furniture: Infanette, OA furniture, Customized furniture, etc

Base coat:PU, PE, UV,NC, Water-based Sealer

Main feature of wood brush polish machine

1.The machine suits for sanding of kitchen Cabinet, Window, Door, Furniture...etc.

2.The modular structure can be combined optional to satisfy clients' demands.

3. Frequency conversion speed control is used in each group

4.Each unit can be drawn out for sand sand shelf, or replace emery cloth sanding can parts more portable, easy operation and maintenance.

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