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What relief carving knife - - The use of the tool

by:Ludiao     2020-09-25
Engraving machine used in all kinds of carving software function introduction in recent years, with the rapid development of engraving machine, carving programming software is growing by leaps and bounds, version update, increasingly powerful. Several kinds of software: the following is the most popular carved software, wen tai engraving software, Artcam, TYPE3, Mastcam, Pro/E, etc. In one of the first four software is widely used in various types of cnc woodworking machine engraving machine, Mastcam is widely used in CNC water cutting equipment, Pro/E is mainly used in model design teaching schools. French nationality TYPE3, it functions in this software is very powerful. Both 2 d and 3 d effect, and relief effect, can be a knife road editor. Because the software of network learning resources is less, so want to mastery is difficult. Learning resources most has been carved software, all kinds of video tutorials, documentation, tutorials on web search too much, there are a lot of people are selling carved equip the tutorial? Do some relief carved design work, most of the relief carving machine customer is to choose the software. Wen tai carving software is the inside the most easy to grasp, the software used for 2 d path and the 3 d path most useful text. Usually do a lot of flat glass engraved paint and stone carving clients are choosing this software. As to do anaglyph carved, currently software is subject to continue to improve. Artcam software is the most prominent advantage is to use greyscale image generation model directly, then you can easily cutting tool path editing. Their actual operation several times, and then there was a teacher to instruct me soon can grasp.
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