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What is the difference between advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine

by:Ludiao     2020-09-25
There are a lot of users for advertising engraving machine, cnc woodworking machine engraving machine confusion, some manufacturers also with advertising engraving machine for cnc woodworking machine engraving machine to cheat customer, here we use the time to analyze: 1, from the material analysis, used for carving in the advertising industry in general have a PVC acrylic furong board, etc. , these materials are soft, so use 1. 5 kw spindle can completely meet the demand of sculpture. And woodiness material generally is density board, composite panels, solid wood texture is hard, if use 1. May cause underpowered, burin easily broken, usually with 2. More than 2 kw spindle can be. 2, from the precision analysis, now on the market generally screw engraving machine engraving machine all points and rack engraving machine, the screw carving machine and rack in the engraving machine screw and rack, this basically is power transmission way, and 10 points 5 and guidance of a ball screw, the accuracy of the lead screw rack of relatively accurate, but the downside is underpowered, engraving speed is slow, and the power rack, precision carving also can also be used in cnc woodworking machine industry so engraving machine, most are rack transmission.
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