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What circumstance can cause dislocation carving

by:Ludiao     2020-09-05
engraving machine all mismatch problem in the process of carving, such as the left and right dislocation, dislocation and dislocation, the x axis and z axis misalignment, and so on, what reason causes dislocation woodworking engraving machine present appearance? 1. See way to carve software correctly or not; 2. Basis on the gap check the screw and the screw securing the polished rod have loose; 3. Check software parameters set correctly or not. 4. Check the ground wire is connected. 5. Computers have virus maybe with other incompatible maybe trouble, usually without a name-brand computer brief assembled case 6. Before the water-cooled spindle motor at the top of the loose coupling is damaged to view tight may replace 7 by hand. engraving machine beam to the machine control box cohesion is the line of drag chain has poor contact 8. Drive, the layout of the inside the drive itself may be electronic original equipment will also form the dislocation representation in doubt, the reason most; If the number of times few, and slow down a little, sometimes to carve, clarify this drive is not completely broken. If a began to carve dislocation drive is elucidated completely bad. The solution: repair drives may replace the drive. 9. Voltage doubt: cnc woodworking machine engraving machine in demand of large power when working, if the voltage is too low, for the lack of drive power supply, power short of dislocation will form representation, this kind of situation usually Y axis misalignment, is not present this appearance is probably the external voltage, perhaps someone on the same line using the large power equipment such as electric welding, etc. The solution: a regulated power supply 5000 watts, but the error scale regulated power supply can't more than 5%, the best within 3%. 10. Interface board, main board, the connecting plate question: if the interface board, main board, switch board is broken, cnc woodworking machine engraving machine in the process of operation, one direction may be three axis are motionless, carve dislocation. If spindle motor, stepping motor servo motor may be of doubt, the machine does not move in one direction, with the hand turn screw also turn to be not moved. 11. Machine tool's own question: a part of the machine tool have questions may be loose, dislocation are impurities, such as surface will also present representation; Such as the coupling is loose, broken, dislocation will render; On the guide rail, screw will be long time didn't clean oil present dislocation representation; If machine line broken appearance will also present dislocation. Connecting each part line of poor contact ( Work with line transmission line) 。 The solution: will all connect down to pack
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