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What are the working principle and the matters needing attention ion bar?

by:Ludiao     2020-10-02
Is a kind of static eliminator, often encountered in daily production, today to bring us working principle of ion bar and matters needing attention. Let's take a look at! Ion bar is a kind of static eliminator, is charged rod type electrostatic eliminator, and is widely applied to the active electrostatic eliminator on the market. Electricity needle electrode on the rod body released after the positive and negative electrostatic ion, can directly reach the surface of the object surface composite through the air. When the object surface is positively charged, will attract ion release negative charge. When the surface is negatively charged, will attract ion release a positive charge, objects on the surface of the electrostatic neutralization, and achieve the goal of eliminating static electricity. The matters of attention in the use also emphasize, ion bar to be equipped with high voltage generator used together. The ion wind stick inserted into the high voltage generator at the end of the connecting high voltage output jack, to be at the end of clockwise, then connect ion wind bar connection of ground wire to the outside of the high voltage generator on the ground pole, after good grounding and confirm there is no problem, insert the plug of the power of the high voltage generator with ground wire socket, install the ion rod fixed to the appropriate location, and then open the high voltage generator power supply can work. Ion bar in use after a period of time, ion needle and copper tube wall there will be some dust, need to clean on a regular basis, using swab dipped in alcohol clean electric acupuncture, and need to pay attention to clean cut off power supply. Above is today to bring us the working principle of ion bar and matters needing attention, the hope can help to you!
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