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What are main products for Ludiao CNC Equipment to export?
Jinan Ludiao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.has obtained the export license for 1000w fiber laser cutting machine . This product already sells well domestically and also has a good chance of selling well in international markets. It provides a certain appeal because of unique features that seem common here while might be considered a novelty in other countries. In order to market this product on the international market more successfully, we have realized flexibility. We will evaluate the target market and try to modify specifications to match the standards of that country or region, hence achieving some degree of adaptation and localization of this product.

Ludiao CNC Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of cnc woodworking machine having its production center in China and a worldwide Sales net. The wood router machine series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. A series of performance tests have been carried out to check Ludiao co2 laser engraving cutting machine. They involve compression resistance, load-bearing capacity, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and anti-bacterial resistance testing. Through program calculating, it guarantees the exact processing size. Certified quality: It has passed through many quality certifications and has been manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality standards. Its quality is completely guaranteed. This product allows for seamless acceleration and deceleration.

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