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Want to in woodworking machinery industry stability and development, technology must be hard

by:Ludiao     2020-09-03
You know woodworking machinery has the effect of high speed cutting, so in wood industry, is a very good partner, this for woodworking machinery industry friends, this is no longer a secret, so the industry competition is more and more big, to in hefei in the stability of the cnc woodworking machine machinery industry development, the technology must be hard, technology good or bad, is not only reflected on the quality of the cnc woodworking machine machinery, and is usually appear in the process of using the failure analysis and solution. machinery in use, are all used edge banding machine, can face type special-shaped sealing side to complete the delivery & ndash; — Glue & ndash; — Cut & ndash; — Front and back neck & ndash; — Up and down the trimming & ndash; — Up and down fine trimming & ndash; — Scrape up and down side & ndash; — Polishing, and many other processes. In general there are four kinds of the common fault sealing side machine, electrical fault, gas path fault, mechanical failure, adhesive failure. For failure, we first do is check work, and then suit the remedy to the case, for example, in general mechanical failure, main show is transmission failure, gelatinize unevenness, the failure of feeding and cutting knife, mainly to check the mechanical parts in good condition and solid parts, transmission parts is skewed. Gas path fault. Including air valve failure, leakage, low air pressure, cutter, feeding does not work, etc. , the main check all kinds of pneumatic components in good condition, replacement parts can be made in the factory under the guidance of technical staff. Is a professional woodworking machinery company, we have been efforts, in this industry will be in stable development, innovation technology, perfect service, is still in continue to work hard today, tomorrow, need your support, we together to achieve win-win results.
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