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Use of sales promotion price is really suitable for long-term development in woodworking machinery industry?

by:Ludiao     2020-09-25
Small commodities, when you walk on the pedestrian street, all the big stores in sales, there is a eighty percent discount, two pieces of seventy percent, and so on, for bigger items, use furniture appliances in the home, each big furniture market has been the introduction of the promotion, buy furniture at a discount, and buy furniture for small household electrical appliances. For such to promote sales policy, a lot of goods at the time of sales will be used, so for hefei woodworking machinery industry, it's really suitable for? Suitable for long-term development? For promotion, and many times for us consumers have a & other; Fatigue & throughout; Feeling, always feel this kind of promotion, there will be a few days, this is just a method of sales, so now a lot of industry promotion and didn't get the actual results. Not only failed to better attract our customers, but also for our factory, also spend a certain cost. For woodworking machinery industry, the promotion is not so frequent, there is no other industry but also we will regularly launch some special machinery, special price is not cheap oh, our mechanical enjoy after-sales service is the same. Above all, do promotions for cnc woodworking machine machinery, can be appropriate to do, but can't work frequency, but doing promotions must not sacrifice quality and service of woodworking machinery is the precondition, we only, quality, service, after-sale, promotion together, each have a good grasp, so that our enterprise can better survive.
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