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Use of laser cutting machine

by:Ludiao     2020-10-02
1. Laser 1) To ensure that the laser power supply from the regulated power supply & # 8220; Voltage regulation & # 8221; The output, unavailability of & # 8220; Mains & # 8221; The output. 2) To ensure the quality of the laser gas. 3) Replace cylinders, bottle mouth clean first, then KaiQi blows away the impurities in the bottle mouth. 4) In order to ensure that the CP front window cleaning, laser and PRC laser with ordinary nitrogen instead of compressed air as shielding gas. Using high purity nitrogen ( 99. 999%) As a protective gas ROFIN laser. 5) To ensure the reliable and stable operation of the cooling system, the temperature, pressure, flow rate to meet the requirements of the laser, so as to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the laser. 6) Prohibit open laser operation, to ensure safety. 7) Build a small room for laser, isolation with the outside world, to ensure that the dust cleaning, indoor equipped with air conditioning, cooling dehumidification, and ensure that the environment temperature and humidity of the four seasons below the dew point 8) The door repair laser, ensure the high voltage power supply disconnect and lock. Before the electric contact device, to ensure that high pressure of discharge. 9) According to the state of the laser Settings, gas consumption increase gas consumption, to improve the quality of the laser, but would increase the cost of operation. 10) Regularly observe the cooling water flow rate, pressure, temperature, laser discharge current, the temperature of the turbine, sound. 11) The laser for maintenance on a regular basis. 2. Water-cooled machine 1) To ensure the water stable mechanical and electrical source, phase sequence is correct. 2) Ensure water-cooled machine at the top of the fan cooling. 3) Water-cooled machine outside temperature & # 8805; 5℃ 。 4) Daily cleaning up the dust on the heat sink. 5) To ensure that the cooling water component meets the requirements. 6) Pay attention to the water temperature set correspond to the laser. 7) Weekly check the water level, water quality, pipe line. 8) According to water quality changes and PH, every 3 - Replacement of cooling water in 6 month. 9) Every quarter, the clean water filter cartridge, the replacement of a filter (every year PRC) 。 3. Host 1) In strict accordance with the operating sequence start-up, shutdown. 2) No qualification personnel operation and maintenance of machine tool is prohibited. 3) Machine tool during the work, it is forbidden to people and goods into the workbench, ensure human safety; Operators to focus on, meet dangerous situation as soon as possible to press the & # 8220; Stop the & # 8221; Button. 4) Adjust the machine light path, adjust the cutting head in servo mode, should be carried out in accordance with the correct order of operations, to ensure human safety. 5) Each boot, check back to the reference point, clear focus lens, beam calibration & # 8212; Nozzle alignment, open cutting auxiliary gas, the pressure in the bottle should be not less than 1 mpa. 6) Check once a week outside the light shielding gas, cold road tank, cooling water, air compressor, person, discharge water filter.
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