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by:Ludiao     2020-09-03
Lunjiao was named China woodworking machinery town, the woodworking machinery products production quantity, and products are in the leading domestic level. 9, the reporter learned from jinan shunde lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce, the chamber of commerce recently organized its enterprises to the guangxi north flow, docking with the local furniture industry manufacturers, by the ccpit, the two sides will exchange combination platform, build industry help north flow furniture companies to realize the transformation and upgrading, also help in lunjiao woodworking machinery market expansion, to achieve industrial chain co-prosperity, a total of development. Lunjiao look north flow thousands of furniture enterprises at present, guangxi north flow brings together thousands of furniture production enterprises, the main production in raw white embryo furniture, furniture enterprise overall production status, production equipment automation, numerical control level is low, resulting in product machining accuracy is not high, low product added value. In order to change this situation, the local government actively XingYuan, cooperation with the bank at the same time, put the goods discount, support enterprises to buy the equipment capacity, transformation and upgrading, and improve the quality of enterprises. The, lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce on behalf of furniture enterprises, group enterprises on behalf of the north flow group travel to nearly 30 investigation and communication, furniture enterprises in guangxi, the two sides in lunjiao woodworking machinery products, how to negotiate with north flow furniture enterprise cooperation, especially in the related docking, nearly two hundred north flow of furniture enterprises in lunjiao representative and 26 explore woodworking machinery industry development: lunjiao woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises in their stalls, and visiting entrepreneurs through video, corporate brochures, technical advice, etc. A variety of ways to communicate. Lunjiao woodworking machinery with large Numbers of numerical control, intelligent woodworking machinery products, including automatic comb coating production line, numerical control curve saw, bilateral milling CNC mortise machine, CNC, etc. , should they have been widely in furniture enterprises, and create excellent benefits for the enterprise. The relevant person in charge of lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce, said Aaron teaching quality products emerge in endlessly, but north flow furniture enterprises ready to spread your wings and fly, holding the ccpit. machinery to the fastest 3 years furniture manufacturers have listed companies contact guangxi north flow, is just a node development, lunjiao woodworking machinery will win the broader market, still need improvement internally. Guangdong first of CNC machinery co. , LTD. , chairman of Liu Leqiu said before, from the latest session of lunjiao woodworking machinery exhibition, international woodworking machinery products to have advanced intelligent environmental protection equipment, customized production requirements to qualify for the furniture industry. Concept of woodworking machinery industry is advocating intelligence, promote the development of enterprise innovation, specification and green, 4 to industry. The era of smart customization production mode and the advanced environmental protection technology, perfectly integrated into the woodworking machinery and furniture manufacture, improve the productivity of wood at the same time, meet the production demands of customized furniture industry, flexibility. Annual work conference earlier this year in lunjiao street, secretary of the party working Lu Dequan lunjiao street, said is lunjiao cnc woodworking machine machinery in China, but covers an area of more than woodworking machinery industry, there is a lot of room to improve economies of scale effect. Lunjiao, will be around the district party committee pointed out that the development of intelligent manufacturing, innovation, globalization and greening, use technology and capital for the wings, with the help of national area construction opportunity, all the way to promote the real economy to go out, to science and technology in lunjiao. In global links, for example, expand the industry space, lunjiao guide machinery and mechanical equipment enterprises cat online mall, such as the Internet trading platform for cooperation, currently in south China machinery city strictly selected 100 south China pavilion accessories brand, the Internet + machinery accessories, online, high quality products and efficient service elements such as organic fusion, relying on industrial advantages of shunde furniture, machinery industry, the furniture and its supporting industries of key service of south China area, to bridge the gap in lunjiao machinery industry. Lunjiao street, will be let in lunjiao woodworking machinery industry as soon as possible to speed up the industry technology innovation, improve product research and development strength, laying solid foundation of product quality in the round, strongly pushing forward the construction of the brand for 3 to 5 years to foster several listed companies, help to build the pearl river west bank shunde advanced equipment manufacturing belt core, at the same time enhance the core competition of the lunjiao woodworking machinery of China, will be in shunde intelligence built into the country.
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