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The history of stone carving machine

by:Ludiao     2020-09-04
Stone carving machine - - - Since the 20th century has always maintained a strong vitality and rapid development make engraving equipment in our country, among the world's stone carving machine production country. In the past two years, the export of engraving machine does not seem to be affected by the financial crisis, still maintained a continued growth momentum, this is bo state in the development of stone carving machine provides a good external environment. Stone carving machine as a kind of numerical control tools, he can easily complete the accurate digital positioning and can run smoothly, the accuracy is more than ten times higher than traditional equipment, especially when gravity stone arc more reflect the strength of the numerical control equipment, greatly facilitate the users, is can't be matched by traditional tools, so the stone are popular with the customers. Product innovation is a new of development of stone engraving machine equipment, advertising engraving machine, by the past to cnc woodworking machine engraving machine, cnc woodworking machine ornamental engraving and milling machine, after again gravity stone engraving machine, stone cutting machine, stone ornamental engraving and milling machine and so on stone machinery. Every innovation, we all think bo chau products as a brand, to do well. In terms of the whole process of upgrading, stone carving machine most difficult, he needs is not only the gravity low speed, and higher request to the precision and stability of the product, which requires our attention to every detail of the product. Sculpture in the industry, many people had a presentiment development bring crisis and challenge, nc equipment co. , LTD. Jinan bo state stone carving factory in the face of challenge and crisis, makes every effort in the innovation and development, and successfully developed three series of stone carving machine and cutting machine for the market to choose from.
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