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The history of engraving machine

by:Ludiao     2020-09-26
Engraving machine first began in China's northern and southern dynasties, in ancient China, people have begun to understand using metal, wood engraving lines, decorative pattern, or the patterns of the animals increase the aesthetic feeling of items. And at that time people have the consciousness of the do model, the most typical is people use text printing. At that time the Chinese had already started the modern civilization. Now we often talk about the engraving machine is extended from the ancient people's engraving appliance, many of the ancient people carving equipment, now many people are still in use, many modern relief carpentry, cnc woodworking machine carving, wooden crafts sculpture, wood sculpture, foam sculpture, glass sculpture, stone carving, large stone carving, marble sculpture, stone carving, jade carving, classic furniture base cutter is still in the original artificial hand tools for engraving. Now the rapid development of modern society, let all of the industry is facing the challenge of technical progress, every day in the social average production cost decreasing in which your products have no price advantage, the threat of new entrants in the industry, the industry competition efficiency of your production cost is relatively higher. Maker mold sculpture, ceramic industry, furniture, wood carving, stone tombstone carving industry, jade carved carving industry, advertising, decoration industry, these problems facing the studio photography industry is more urgent. A lot of people choose to use a variety of carving machine to speed up your company's production efficiency, reduce artificial, increase the unit cost of production. Is a wise choice.
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