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The function of gas rose axis are those?

by:Ludiao     2020-09-30
Inflatable shaft, the term has many, but the principle is the same, then bring everyone together to learn gas rose axis has the function! Gas rose axis formed after the relevant gas pressure bumps axis, once did not have this part of the pressure, the parts quickly retracted. The use of gas rose axis is very convenient, just bring your own air supply, air pressure control in 6 - 8 kg/cm2 range, external components to lock, the gas is strong on the shaft mouth filling gas, parts effect will occur and press the gas mouth sliding deflated switch, article key will change back to the original shape. In normal work, time, filling gas rose axis the pneumatic separation of mouth and strong gas equipment rapidly, can guarantee to complete the change of the gas pressure within three seconds. In terms of bearing capacity, gas rose axis can be regulated. According to the actual production load requirements, the size of the diameter of axle will for sure, and shaft itself within the scope of material also can withstand a certain degree of pressure and load. Widely used, as an independent design of parts, length size are actual need to determine by the customer, working for equipment or other relevant coiling machine, can be applicable to the inflatable axis. The design of the shaft to the actual work needs to be designed, applicable to various types of volume tube. Long time, easy to maintenance and repair is also very convenient. Gas rose axis is winding rolling machine of single parts, each part has a fixed size, can be decomposed combination, easy maintenance, durable. There are professional engineering and technical personnel design, installation and use of gas rose axis do market research. The above is the function of the gas rose axis, you learned?
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