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Stone engraving machine carved rotating function and characteristics

by:Ludiao     2020-09-28
It is well known that sells on the market now most of the carving machine is very durable, faster under the knife, today we mainly discuss the rotation of the stone engraving machine engraving function and its characteristics. First of all, carved stone carving machine when calculating the rotating path when not developed surface, stone carving machine don't have to repeatedly rotating workpiece, can one-time finish cutting tool path calculation, the third point can be set at work certain Angle and length range, so as to realize the rotation of the local processing work, the last point is the path of the cutter can be layered to reduce the finishing of the rough machining allowance. When using rotary carving to machining, we are using the axis of the whole way to carry on the processing, carving opportunities generated automatically closed rotary carving machining path, in this way won't produce some unnecessary lines appear when carving.
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