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Stone carving machine type water-cooled and air-cooled type difference

by:Ludiao     2020-09-28
Sales of stone carving machine on the market the spindle motor generally fall into water and air cooling, today give you briefly the difference between the two models in detail, also facilitate everybody do a reference in the future to buy stone engraving machine. First: the stone carving machine adopt water-cooled spindle motor market are almost through frequency conversion control, and the air-filled type can be controlled by frequency or not USES frequency conversion mode. Secondly, on the service life, water-cooling than air-cooled type of long service life. Again: in terms of noise, the noise of the water-cooled type is small, and the noise of the air-filled type is bigger. Finally: on the heat dissipation performance and precision carving, adopts the water cycle of the water-cooling for cooling so the cooling effect is higher than that of air cooling type, on the engraving precision, water-cooling spindle turning and radial runout is more small, carving precision is higher than the air-filled type.
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