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Stone carving machine spindle repair need to pay attention to

by:Ludiao     2020-09-28
Stone carving machine automatic tool change series: 1. All of motorized spindle cleaning, maintenance and maintenance work must be after power off and motorized spindle has been completely stopped for 2 motorized spindle is installed on the machine must have a safety protection device, otherwise the high-speed rotating parts may cause damage to close to the human body 3 in the process of high speed motorized spindle rotation do not make contact with the rotation of the motorized spindle parts such as arms, otherwise will cause personal injury 4 motorized spindle operators do not wear loose or droop items ( Such as tie, wide sleeve clothes) , woman must keep long hair in 5 please use spindle specified handle, otherwise may damage the motorized spindle broach structure, and the handle personal injury may be thrown 6 motorized spindle need according to the manual for regular maintenance, otherwise may cause mechanical failure and damage, and shorten the service life of motorized spindle under the normal use of the environment, as usually run a year or so, spindle motor to unpick and wash device should be used, such as allowing guaranteeing bearing accuracy and extend using life. In order to guaranteeing the spindle excellent electric properties is normal things, its removal device must be held by a manipulation of the CV of profession motorized spindle repair, in the clean clean environment, and the use of accord with what, don't knock. Motorized spindle for temporary not to use compressed atmosphere blows water out of the water cavity, the sleeve and the shaft head shaft hole is oiled rust and in a cool, dry place.
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