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Nine of the most promising dealers woodworking machinery industry

by:Ludiao     2020-09-19
1, to form a sales team first-class cnc woodworking machine machinery dealers to build team, expanding scale, second-rate dealer marketing, strategy, third-rate dealers to sell the product and price. He is pay attention to talents' cultivation and use of bold introduce talents. Don't care about the loss of short-term interests, more doesn't care about the employees' wages than their loved ones. Type 2, clear objectives progress he clearly know oneself to market, schedule, time and way. And effective through a series of feasible measures to achieve their set targets and implementation plans. He put the big goal step by step into numerous small target, to break one by one. Type 3, marketing action emerge in endlessly he had set up when I was at the beginning of this year's marketing plan of action, every quarter, every month what to do, the market changes, with he will change, all around the market, customers and action, walk in front of the factory, not only can the factory implementation of marketing action are flawed, crucially, his three points to have been a mu he precision farming harvest is in sight, and other woodworking machinery business only imitate. Type 4, pay attention to store image he especially on pile head, exhibition stand, poster, is very sensitive, a few little detail error grabbed don't put out, be sure to reach their own requirements, is a perfectionist. He not only pay attention to your own storefront fitment image he paid more attention to the image of the product, personnel image, dealers have no reason to do so bad market. 5, rules and regulations perfect cnc woodworking machine machinery scale, after the boss personally do the market no longer. So, the boss what to do every day? To formulate rules and regulations. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, the system will be in accordance with the regulations, such management easier. Otherwise, everything for instructions, not put himself busy dizzy 6, know where profits don't care about the height of overall sales, pay more attention to profits. Always afraid of one year after the account of the time don't have the money in the account, he knows where is the profit source point. Heart there is a clear account of what to spend money, must not hesitate to spend, and it will take to the point, which should not spend money, to catch the drip. In July and loyal and enduring variant once he did not choose don't give up easily, he will and factory cooperation 2 years, 5 years, more than 10 years, woodworking machinery manufacturers do what he will follow suit. He actually support is a common dream, he can always pull open sleeves, pointing at the wrist said: you a knife cut down from here, the blood vessels are flowing inside your woodworking machinery manufacturer to the blood of the brand. This can woodworking machinery dealers and manufacturers David and Jonathan, factory will also cooperate with him. 8, good news rarely heard his message, and hears him to create miracles. He can complete basic sales task every year, a lot of problems in his eyes is not a problem, what problem can be solved. 9, woodworking machinery type have seer woodworking machinery to the market changes in temperature change of the market have a prophet, and in time to prepare for a rainy day. Two years ago, some dealers will foresee the market will have dropped a shuffle period. Then began to ready to spend winter market, then no longer expand store planning, but spending cuts had effect, improve the storefront utilization, control costs, streamline, and adjust the product sales channel, develop the new customer group. In the end, good at learning, positive change, seek opportunities in change will let you in an impregnable position.
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