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Matters needing attention of woodworking engraving machine

by:Ludiao     2020-09-03
Jinan bo state laser engraving factory, professional research and development and sales of laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser cutting bed, advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine and so on, the products are widely used in advertising decoration, organic glass, packaging and printing equipment, machinery processing, sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils and appliances, auto fittings, ship manufacturing, aerospace, military industry products, medical machinery, computer case, lighting, crafts gifts, non-ferrous metal processing and marking, and other fields. Below let me introduce you to the main factors of laser engraving machine industry development. engraving machine industry's vigorous development, on the one hand, prompting manufacturers continue to improve processing technology, improve product quality, on the other hand, some only figure hollowing out of the factory began the sham as the genuine. If you several investigation is not hard to find: wood carving factory is much, but most of them are mill production, large-scale production of real big manufacturer has so few. 08 years of economic crisis, originally the woodworking engraving machine industry of fierce competition on the forefront of many small manufacturer to a competitive market price war, omission of conceal configuration to the customer, what is more replace standard, shoddy, many customers in the use problem is not solved, will also be woodworking engraving machine market is a mess. Customers to understand and examine woodworking engraving machine equipment, typically more than asking price, however, different manufacturers quoted price is vary widely, some even are worlds apart. In today's increasingly transparent woodworking engraving machine cost, the configuration of the same price will not differ a lot. But the price difference, thousands of even tens of thousands of then honor god, you will need to deliberate. Price differs a few hundred or few thousand or so, then may be carved vendors would scale, after-sales service is different, the price is different; Price difference is too big, the configuration is certainly the & # 8220; Issue the & # 8221; . engraving machine, for one, according to the standard configuration, the most basic parts, and the most reasonable design, each price should be in 4. More than 50000, but a lot of incredibly even lower price 30000, seemingly the same woodworking engraving machine, but the price difference is so big, do you think is normal? Many customers don't understand, why is there such a big difference! As the saying goes: a penny a points goods! Domestic woodworking carving factory now, so much so competitive, also won't have such high profit! That you need to consider the configuration of the machine, at a colleague's configuration, customer sent by contrast is really horrible, the price so low it is not surprising that. Machine is that we first consider the price, but not absolute price oriented, for the sake of your machine is practical, when buying equipment, you can also consider from the following aspects: first, woodworking carving factory scale. Wood carving factory in China are only the manufacturer of a few people, not in the workshop of the processing equipment is complete you will think it over. In the form of the engraving machine production, most of them are assemble supplied parts processing, lathe bed is welded together, bigger welding point to the naked eye can see, there are still some defects must be measured by professional calipers. Large manufacturers generally have planer, milling flat bed, specifically for this guide after installation to ensure precision carving. Even so there are very few manufacturers of lathe bed for processing of milling flat, because of the high cost of the planer, covers an area of too big. This is, of course, only a small aspect of them. Usually, customers will think the price of the big manufacturer to more expensive, but compared to you buy price seems cheap machine back, when processing machine dislocation and fail board, still want to reconsider. When the time comes is not only a hardware problem. This is what I am here to say. Second, woodworking carving machine after-sales service. A company that only a few people, it can have a few people, after sale, or did it after-sales service department, you will need to consider this. Engraving machine commonly in use after three years will appear some such and such a small problem, This only for machine performance is better, if is the machine accessories shoddy, that this time it's difficult to say) When you play their after-sales, door-to-door service, it can solve sent you right now? Moreover also the manufacturer of does not exist a few years later, you have to think clearly. This is definitely not my alarmist, in the fierce competition in the now, still operating today, will collapse also lies in a few days. Did you buy woodworking engraving machine, buy back is to create profits, a machine that is inexpensive but it's not cheap, be sure to buy more consideration, don't cry because it is coveted one thousand pieces of petty gain, go back to work soon after this or that kind of problem, can not contact you then regardless of manufacturer or manufacturer, the results become a heap of old iron, then regret too late!
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