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Laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine safety operation details do you know

by:Ludiao     2020-10-02
Laser cutting is the application of high power density after focusing the laser energy. And controlled by computer, through the pulse laser discharge, thus the output controlled repeated high frequency pulse laser, the formation of a certain frequency, pulse width of the beam, the pulse laser beam through the light path transmission and reflection and through the focusing lens group focused on the machining surface, forming a subtle, high energy density, intensity, focal spot near to processing surface, with instantaneous high temperature melting or gasification materials processed. Each the object surface in an instant, a high-energy pulse of laser sputtering out a tiny hole, under computer control, laser head and processed materials according to the continuous dot relative motion paint with good graphics in advance, and will combine processing ChengXiang to the shape of the object. Comply with the general cutting machine safety operation procedures. In strict accordance with the laser launcher to start the laser. Operators must be trained and familiar with equipment structure, performance, and master the knowledge about operating system. Wear labor protection articles according to the rules in the vicinity of a laser beam must wear protective glasses in keeping with the rules. In not ascertain whether a particular material can use laser light or heat, not to its processing, in order to avoid potential danger of smoke and steam. When the equipment is operating personnel shall not leave the job or client stay tube, such as really need to leave should be shut down or cut off the power switch. Will put a fire extinguisher readily accessible place; When not in processing to switch off the laser or light brake; Don't place in the vicinity of without protective laser paper, cloth or other combustible materials. In the machining process of abnormal, should stop immediately, timely troubleshooting or report to the competent personnel. Keep the laser, the lathe bed and the surrounding site neat, orderly, no oil, artifacts, plank, waste stack according to regulations. Use cylinders, should avoid to crush the welding wire, so as to avoid leakage accidents. The use of gas cylinders, transportation shall comply with the rules of the cylinder. Ban cylinder blasting bask in the sun or away from heat. When you start the cylinder valves, the operator must stand in the bottle mouth side. To abide by high pressure safety procedures for servicing. 40 hours per operation or maintenance, each work 1000 hours a week or maintenance every six months, to be carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures. Boot should be manually after the X, Y direction to start the machine tool at low speed, check with or without abnormal situation. For new workpiece after the input process, should first test run, and check the running status. Pay attention to the machine running situation at work, in order to avoid cutting machine out of the valid range or two collision accident.
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