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Laser cutting machine operation procedures

by:Ludiao     2020-10-02
1, open the total switch regulated power supply, the output voltage switch to voltage mode, mains shall not be used. 2, through to machine the total power switch. 3, connected machine tool control power supply ( The key switch) 。 4, treat system self-check, machine tool shaft back to the reference point. 5, start the chiller, check the water temperature, water pressure ( Normal pressure for 5 bar) 。 On the chiller power after 3 minutes, compressor starter, fan operation, began to refrigeration cooling. Note: the water chiller heat sink regularly to clean, avoid too dust impact work, and the distilled water tank replaced every four months, do not use tap water or pure water. 6, open the nitrogen gas bottle, oxygen tanks, check the gas cylinder pressure, start the air compressor, person. Note: air compressor, filter person must drainage, every morning outside light path lens level filters must check before 3th, can not have water or oil, or pollution lens. Must improve air, make it up to standard. Cold in July and stay for airland to set temperature ( Set at 21 degrees) And then open the laser total power, low voltage ( White keys) 。 8, when the laser panel & # 8220; 高压准备” Words, the high pressure. 9, when laser operation panel & # 8220; 高压启动” Words, the red laser light is lit, the numerical control system to the upper right corner of the previous show the & # 8220; LASER H- 电压没有准备好” Alarm disappear, it shows that high pressure is normal, laser enter standby work condition. Before 10, cutting material types, material thickness, size of materials. Note: so check all the cutting head is correct, cutting non-metallic materials must be used to contact cutting head ( Add non-metallic detection loop) 。 11, adjusting plate, make its edges and X axis and Y axis parallel machine tool, avoid cutting head in board outside the scope of work. 12, cut the Z axis moves to the starting point, the simulation program to perform, make sure that there will not be beyond the soft limit alarm and enter the edit mode, according to the material types and thickness control power, speed, time of drilling hole. 13, if you want to cut carbon steel plate, in manual mode selection of oxygen, adjust the barometer for cutting the required pressure value. Then check that the focus position, perform coaxial inspection procedures, to ensure that the laser beam through the nozzle center, Z axis servo to the plate surface, adjustment to determine the nozzle distance from the plate ( Adjusting control box potentiometer) 。 14, to be above normal, can switch to the execution status, workpiece cutting. 15, such as slag, appeared in the process of cutting back slag or other abnormal situation, should be immediately suspended, find out the reason, problem solving and then continue to cut, so as to avoid damage to the equipment. 16, after work, to turn it off in the following order: 1) Turn off the laser and high pressure. 2) In the laser panel of low pressure. 3) Disconnect the laser total power supply. 4) Turn off the water chiller. 5) Disconnect the machine tool control power supply ( The key switch) Disconnect the machine total power switch. 6) Turn off the person. 7) Turn off the air compressor. 8) Air valve closed nitrogen and oxygen. 17, disconnect the regulated power supply.
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