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Is Ludiao CNC Equipment an OBM?
To be an OBM, it requires the enterprise to creates its own brand with premium manufacturing capability and optimal marketing skills. Jinan Ludiao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.has reached a high annual output. The products Ludiao CNC Equipmentmakes is in strict line with international standards. They are debugged and operated to be in the best status. What's more, we are endowed with extensive marketing knowledge, which helps us to promote our products on a large scale. We are responsible for everything including production and development, supply chain, delivery and marketing.

Being a fast-growing manufacturing company, Ludiao CNC Equipment excels in the R&D, design, and production of high-quality products such as industrial plasma cutter. The atc cnc router series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. During the design of Ludiao metal laser cutting machine, a few steps are included. They are foot type collection, sketch design, materials selection, pattern making, and instructions on how the product is made. It is especially suitable for the mass production of small or medium-scale wood enterprises. To protect users safety, this product is designed with an isolated power supply. The isolated power supply enables the product works under a safe voltage range to ensure that no electric shock will happen. This product has the ability to position repeatedly, which ensures good consistency in the finished products.

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