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Ion removal lon-izing how should maintain?

by:Ludiao     2020-10-01
You can use in many places, brought convenience for production, maintenance in use also is very important, if you don't notice at ordinary times, not only can reduce the service life of the machine, may also have some accidents, then bring everyone together to learn about the ion removal lon-izing how should maintain! Switching power supply should have ground wire, and to ensure adequate grounding. Must have good grounding transformer also, each time before use to check whether tighten ground wire knob. Blower gun to prevent falls when using touch, even if the fixed installation of the wind, but also pay attention to avoid items. Used are through effective air filter, pass the secondary filter if necessary. Water, oil and particles will enter the ion chamber and attached to the plastic parts wall, when there is accident hidden danger, to a certain degree of regret so filters to timely cleaning, reduce the hidden trouble. Removal lon-izing air pressure regulating valve to point into the quantitative anti-rust lubricant on a regular basis. Gun accessories, wind spacing, perspective of tongue and electric field are endangering the actual effect of electrostatic induction, often should pay attention to adjust until there is no problem. Cleaning and ion ion removal lon-izing ion needle chamber with anhydrous ethanol day take water cannot be used. When to clean, want to shut off the power first, reoccupy is taken the child in front of the ion wind point small plastic cover off, with a clean cotton ball with anhydrous ethanol to clean up parts, ionic air pressure gun to clean up on a regular basis. So keep the air pressure gun clean not only can achieve better effect, and can prolong the life of ion blower gun. Cannot force will spearhead free rotation, such meetings make spear and grips joint sliding wire, unable to tighten. Spear prohibits any parcel or paste objects, so as not to cause the high tension line, spear fever, ion needle and grounding lighter, thus influence in addition to the electric effect and cause accidents, even light-off. Ion blower gun can be added to the gas pedal switch, or by the movements of the solenoid valve and mechanical linkage control, can not only improve the using effect, and can prolong service life. Above is the ion removal lon-izing maintenance, completes the maintenance regularly, also prolong the service life, not only can reduce accidents, increase work efficiency, hope the above content can help you, you are welcome to inquire!
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