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In addition to the machine itself what influence the effect of laser machine

by:Ludiao     2020-09-26
Cutting accuracy is an important part of how good the laser cutting machine, nc equipment but bo state remind you that laser cutting accuracy is not entirely depends on the device itself, but rather consists of various factors, mainly has the following several factors: the spot size of laser beam after focusing laser beam through together after the light spot is smaller, the higher the cutting precision, especially for smaller kerf width, the smallest flare up to 0. 01mm。 Workbench positioning accuracy decides the repeat precision of cutting workbench accuracy is higher, the higher the accuracy of the cutting. The greater the workpiece thickness, the lower the precision, the greater the kerf width. Because a laser beam to conical, kerf is tapered, the thickness of 0. 3 mm stainless steel is more than 2 mm smaller kerf width. The workpiece material has certain influence on laser cutting accuracy. Same case, stainless steel than aluminum high cutting precision, smooth some aspects.
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