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How to choose the laser machine

by:Ludiao     2020-09-29
Choose laser machine have a look at some after-sales service: laser laser tube and reflector are consumable parts, has certain service life need to change, due to the need to manufacturers to provide after-sale protection effectively, timely provide material to replace. Small manufacturer encounter problems if you choose to hollow out, in buying accessories to install very troublesome, and each manufacturer use accessories and installation are not quite same, affect the service life of the whole. The quality of the product: as the saying goes, know the guard the entrance, don't know. The same laser machine adopts configuration is not the same, the quality of nature are different. Take parts for 1 step motor: influence the precision of the laser engraving, some manufacturer use wellhead stepper motor, have a plenty of domestic normal manufacturer of the motor, some directly with miscellaneous brands of motor 2 laser lens: relationship to the size of the power of laser machine, some use imported lenses, either in domestic, domestic raw materials is divided into the mouth of the well and domestic raw materials manufacturing. Directly affects the efficiency of the laser machine 3 laser tube, laser tube is the heart of the laser machine, because the price of wellhead is expensive. Domestic most of the selection. Domestic also is the good and bad are intermingled, price difference is very big. 4 mechanical assembly: some poor manufacturers to save Chen Benyong very thin machine shell, the surface not to come out, use a long time easy to deformation, affecting the precision of the laser engraving.
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