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How to choose the computer engraving machine transformer

by:Ludiao     2020-09-29
Computer engraving machine in the choice of transformer to follow the following principles: 1, the determination of capacity: according to the transformer was determined by the power of joint load, the general is behind the drive and motor, voltage to provide according to drive, drive current is, according to the motor to determine these two data is determined, plus 15 to 20% of the amount of rich, is the total capacity of the transformer. 2, the number of output of the group, and a supporting several drivers: transformer, the output of the group may be a group of more than, as long as the capacity to meet all can realize more into more. Is 220 v, for example, the second group of 90 v or 220 v, four groups of 75 v, and so on. According to the determined by the motor and drive of belt machine. 3, the voltage and current, voltage is driven to provide voltage, the transformer is AC voltage. If you need to implement a DC can be mounted to the rectification device to realize the change of AC to DC. Current is the key to the work, it is according to the need to determine the current of motor, to the need to improve current transformer. 4, servo transformer matching to note a few problems: one is based on the equipped with servo motor and system of the input voltage to determine the output voltage of the transformer, secondly capacity is according to the servo motor, the power to determine its connection group is according to the requirement of the servo system to determine, for example the Y/Y, Y/Y0 and so on. The output voltage of the servo transformer is determined according to the voltage of the servo.
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