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How to choose suits own CNC woodworking engraving machine, Wooden door, cabinet door, classical furniture)

by:Ludiao     2020-09-05
Cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood engraving machine and other kinds of engraving machine is not a single category of engraving machine, only the manufacturer in order to let the customer be clear at a glance know its use or for the sake of the name search optimization. They all belong to cnc woodworking machine engraving machine. engraving machine is mainly divided into: single head carving machine ( The standard) , long woodworking machine, start long knife carving machine, give expulsion-typely change knife carving machine, rotating in knife carving machine, etc. Today we will talk through how to improve the production efficiency and cost savings of engraving machine to make everyone more clearly to choose a suitable own engraving machine. This door, for example the door knife used by 1. The pattern cutter, knife used in the processing the inside pattern 2. Pick out the right Angle of qing dao, pattern around the 3 V knife. End of the qing dao, clear pattern and Angle of qing dao in excess stock between 4. Flat knife, clear its relative Angle of v-shaped knife around the table 5. Spher mill, milling to go out in the vertical line 6. Blanking cutting knife, cut type milling processing complete door plank, we talk about wooden door, cabinet door. Classical furniture, such products in the engraving machine process: feeding - - - Fixed - - - Carving feeding: feeding way of artificial feeding, transmission equipment, and material mechanical hand, for the ordinary processing factory, this procedure basic it is artificial. For a standard size ( 1220 x2440) Is a person can be a bit difficult of plank, we usually give customers two Suggestions: one is from grinder with a little time to assist in feeding, another is to make a work platform, a person can push the plank to carving machine. Fixed: such engraving machine common fixed way has the following kinds: 1. Clamp fixed. 2. Gun nails fixed. 3. Vacuum adsorption. Their efficiency is obviously a vacuum adsorption & gt; Gun nails fixed & gt; Pressure plate fixation. For such products carving machine we strongly recommend that the vacuum adsorption, though he has the defects of electricity, but it brought about by the benefits outweigh the loss of power. Three, carving: we mainly said carved under this working procedure, and carving this process depends on three aspects: the first on the one hand is typesetting, one is manual layout, namely each different figure will do a good job first and then one by one, each set spacing arrangement to the cut surface of workpiece, another is automatic layout, is a single figure to do and then using the function of the software in the automatic arrangement, obviously the latter can improve the efficiency of processing. The second aspect is speed carving, carving speed depends on the drive motor speed and the quality of the cutting tool, the first is the drive motor, drive motor to roughly three currently on the market, the stepper motor, servo motor, servo motor, which is under the same appearance carving machine to produce one of the factors of price differential, simply put, servo motor torque and speed and accuracy are better than the former two, what specific configuration need according to your budget and production factors such as comprehensive consideration and then make a decision; Second is the quality of the cutting tool, and then quickly if there is no can withstand the engraving speed engraving cutter that also no use. Third aspect in knife, tool change can be divided into manual tool change and automatic tool change, manual tool change process is a waste of time, because the height of the after changing the knife tool changed so need to check after each change knife height from top to bottom, automatic tool changer can revoke this link, can realize the automatic tool change models on the market has two kinds, one is wood processing center, another kind is much process engraving machine, the former is the handle to switch and cutting tools, the latter switch is a main shaft, machining center has a disc ( Hat type) And row, hat tool change faster than type, type of engraving machine is the mainstream market at present with three working procedure, can complete three knife switch.
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