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How to choose a suitable laser machine equipment?

by:Ludiao     2020-09-26
Above the market at present there are a lot of laser cutting engraving equipment, how to choose a suitable laser machine equipment for the company? First of all, to understand the material of existing products. Some of the material is not absorb CO2 laser energy, such as no coating metal surfaces, PP and so on. The degree of different materials absorb laser is different also, such as PET far more easily than glass absorption of laser energy, which is easier than glass sculpture. Of different material products, therefore, should choose different laser power, while some products can't use laser. Usually colored paper, PET, only need 10 w laser machine. Also have to persuade you to use 30 w, that just means, his 10 w machine fast enough. And 30 w machine is more expensive than the 10 w. Glass and metal on the need to more powerful laser machine, such as 30 w, or even 50 w. Second, stability of inspection equipment, to understand the service life of laser tube, more will understand that the manufacturer is to adopt what kind of technology to control the opening and closing of the laser tube. Because the laser is like a big bulb, open and close, the more the more likely it is to bad, so fewer selection using laser tube open and close as far as possible when laser machine. There are two major technology: lattice reside and line type. Both are using motor drives the two groups of lenses to x direction, y direction of rotation. But control of the laser technology is different, also play a set of data, 20 characters using lattice reside technology of laser machine can only open one closed, and open and close the line type technology of laser confidential 20 times, one character per dozen is open and shut again. Third, the greater the power of the laser printer laser tube service life is longer, this is one of the most common misunderstanding. Think filling gas the more, the greater the power consumption of the slower. In fact, the greater the power, laser tube heat at work, the more if you can't send out timely and effectively, it will burn out the laser tube, so, usually require water equipment more than 50 w, with a large cooling system. Therefore, high wattage does not guarantee the service life of laser tube, if isn't doing a good cooling system, instead more easy to burn, but also increased the cost in terms of heat dissipation
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