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Handle of woodworking engraving machine control system and computer control system

by:Ludiao     2020-10-01
Stone carving machine a few small problems are likely to bring us big trouble. Many engraving machine spindle is water, if the temperature is too low will easily frozen shaft and circular pipe, it is easy to damage the shaft. The asynchronous ac motor driven by frequency converter to achieve more, small power non-inductive vector frequency converter, its small volume, high cost performance, more applied to main shaft power less than 3. 7 kw engraving machine system. Engraving machine the motor copper loss and iron loss will be displayed in the form of heat,, and affect the efficiency of the machine. Stepper motor general pursuit of position precision and torque output. We know three technical workers are on a two drag eight wooden engraving machine debugging, less than 10 minutes, 8 flowers carved out 8 roses on the plate. As you can imagine our engraving machine under such an efficient operation, not only is our spindle and motor will have a great wear and migration. Once the stone carving machine knives migration happens, don't say such high precision operation, rose is the sculpture will appear a lot of common, serious deviation. So in our actual production process can touch - 1 More than 2 seconds, no more than 60 degrees; Can only touch with the hand, around 70 - 80 degrees; Drop a few drops rapidly gasification, over 90 degrees, is to reduce the copper loss and iron loss. This case, we can choose the antifreeze instead of water, if conditions can be buying engraving machine spindle had better choose air-cooled instead of water. Of course of stone engraving machine engraving machine guide rail ( Side rail or compass) And rack to cleaning and oiling maintenance, often to the wire to check whether the aging or have broken, so as not to cause leakage. When some heavy stone processing heavy stone carving machine different from general light stone engraving machine, not only because of its bearing capacity is better than light machine, but also in the way it USES the rack drive sculpture with high efficiency, in this case our stone carving machine efficiency low, current is compared commonly big, high harmonic components, the frequency of the alternating current is also change with speed, thus stepping motor are widespread fever, than the general ac motor serious condition. If you want to buy stone carving machine can contact us, perfect after give you strong support.
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