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Gas rose axis from time to tome what matters needing attention in use?

by:Ludiao     2020-09-29
Provides a convenient our life, then in what are the points for attention when using gas rose axis, then bring everyone together to look at! Carefully check the tool in our daily life, the work piece is placed neatly, and accessories, such as whether to keep the integrity lines and pipes. To control gas pressure of the compressor is in stable condition, the compressor and expansion shaft directly win installed filters, avoid impurities clogging the trachea and cause leakage. Electric cabinet, fixed installation, sealing is good, whether can stop cutting liquid or powder into the ark, air filter, If the installation) Clean conditions are in good condition. Gassing axis in use process, if found the nut is loose, gassing axis to treat twist in a timely manner, to avoid some parts fall off gassing axis holes sacs or lead to major problems such as production delays. In the process of using the gassing axis, to should take put down gently, don't put it carelessly, cause some parts fall off gassing axis. Handle with care to avoid injury to the valve. The air in the vertical direction, in order to avoid damaging the valve and exhaust, to use the standard vent, hammer, to ban the use of sharp tools, in order to avoid air leakage phenomenon. In the process of laying gassing axis, or laying after installed, should be strictly forbidden to electric welding line on the inflatable shaft head drag or collision, otherwise it will cause the inflatable shaft hole copper sheath, cause the moisture in the air is absorbed by magnesia insulation, insulation resistance reducing gassing axis. Check the inside of the electrical rejected fan, heat exchangers and other parts whether can work normally, the dust cover on the PLC ( Dust paper) Whether they have been removed. In the process of laying installation should be frequently measure the insulation of the inflatable shaft, handle in time when problems found. Install pressure gauge and pressure control device, pneumatic control in 3 - 8kg/cm。 After the use of cleaning, this can be done in a timely manner to observe the usage of gassing axis, such as mechanical oil leakage, water leakage, leakage, and so on and so forth. Replacing gas nozzle, please use the socket wrench, such as failure, need to remove, can contact the related personnel. Inflatable axis after the terminal head and the middle is made of in a timely manner the insulation test, test it again after 24 hours, if there is no change, insulation resistance should be checked on a line terminal or other intermediate head, until find out the fault point, and according to the above method to repair. Above is the gas rose axis when use the matters needing attention, hope to be of help, thank you!
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