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Engraving machine track how to maintain

by:Ludiao     2020-09-26
The orbit of engraving machine and linear guide ( Also is what we call square rail) If the machine metaphor is the legs of the orbit is people can freely move! Thus orbit play a dominant role in the engraving machine, for engraving function freely flexible operation has a crucial influence! Track quality directly affects the work efficiency, and even affect the entire product carving effect! Track is divided into circle and square rail. The so-called double linear guide rail is cylindrical, it is produced by our country. High bearing capacity, relatively low cost, short production cycle, easy to install, so a lot of processing manufacturers choose the alternative square linear guide. Circle need to support is limited, the rigidity is poor. Its use time long will appear deviation, the larger error will be more square rail. Side rail mean square linear guide, it is produced by abroad, its high positioning accuracy, small friction coefficient so long time to maintain its accuracy, especially the gap between the static friction force and dynamic friction force is small, the driving power demand for equipment is low, can save a lot of energy. Now in the market of the orbit is using imported raw materials, the price is relatively more expensive. In order to improve the work efficiency, reduce costs, so the details of track maintenance must attentively, more for different will have different maintenance methods engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, cnc woodworking machine engraving machine, carving machine guide rail processing center, which it maintenance method is: the requirements for the homework finished in each of X, Y, Z axis to clean the guide rails, and to clean up all the chip on the tracks and dirt, followed by check whether there is any scratch on guideway damage, clean finished to add lubricating oil to guide rail, the convenient on the second day's homework. Stone carving machine track maintenance method: because of stone carving machine often want to use water, so the machine is damper, every day must be carried out on the track maintenance. When maintenance is important to note is in the X, Y, Z three-axis polished rod with oil for maintenance; Screw parts be sure to use the butter; If working environment temperature is too low in winter screw, polished rod, square guide or circular guide part should use gasoline to wash clean first, and then add oil, otherwise it will cause the machine drive part of the resistance is too large and cause the dislocation. Note: whatever the engraving machine before maintenance is important to note that first turn off all the power supply and check whether the electricity, also after confirm without any security hidden danger can further maintenance! ! We are working in the design of time don't forget to take good care of our home & # 8212; — The earth, we advocate green carving industry.
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