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Does wood edging machine have warranty period?
Jinan Ludiao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.hopes you are satisfied with the purchase. If your product needs repair during the warranty period, please call us. Your satisfaction with the order is our primary concern.

Ludiao CNC Equipment is a mature manufacturing company. Today we are the leader in designing and productioning side drilling machine in China. The wood router machine series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Ludiao router woodworking is manufactured covering a few stages. It goes through the materials cutting, cleaning, molding, shaping, buffing, and finishing stages. This product has the ability to position repeatedly, which ensures good consistency in the finished products. As a testament to the great quality, the product is backed by many international quality certificates on a basis of our various performance test and quality assurance test. It has a smooth surface to resist dust to build upon.

Ludiao CNC Equipment has been in cnc router machine industry for many years and always been praised for its good service. Please contact us!
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