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The CNC side hole drilling machine is automatic multi-function side drilling machine, through software optimization, automatically drill, slot, mortise, hinge hole, door locks and other diversified shaped hole cutting graphics.

CNC horizontal drilling machine is an economical and practical horizontal drilling equipment for plate furniture, which is combined with a numerical control cutting machine to form a plate furniture production line, instead of traditional sliding table saws and row drills. This machine can complete the production by scanning the code, do not need to find a special drill master, greatly reducing the labor costs.

The two-dimensional code scanning label can accurately and quickly import data, so that the plate can be quickly positioned to complete the hole surface processing of the plate.

1. Scanning function: After fixing the workpiece, if the infrared scanning probe detects a vertical hole on the front surface, it will create a horizontal hole in the side position. You can also adjust the position of the sawdust hole on the control side of the device.

2. Scan code function: This device can be docked with most departments' cutting software. The device is equipped with a scan code gun. After scanning the code, the horizontal hole position and the wood chip hole will be set.

Applicable Scope: 

1. Furniture Industry: wooden doors, cabinets, panel furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs, custom furniture, etc..

2. Wood Products: stereo box, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, musical instruments.

Advantage of side hole drilling machine:

1. laser side hole drilling machine is an economical and practical plate type furniture horizontal hole drilling equipment, which can replace the traditional tweet saw and drill.

2, through infrared positioning can be completed production, do not need to find a special drill master. The labor cost is greatly saved.

3, perfect combination with intelligent furniture design and production software, truly realize intelligent production. The precision is high and the speed is fast.

4. The CNC drilling machine bed is made of 10mm thick walled square rail welded seamlessly.

5, imported linear guide, double guide design, small resistance, high accuracy.

6. The servo drive has stronger transmission power, the inclined rack drive, the operation is more stable and the accuracy is higher.

7, Germany imported Henry Ann rack, 1.5M high precision, durable, no deformation.

8, support long material, short material, long slot, Trinity hole processing mode.

9.side hole machine adopts servo drive system, Germany imported laser head, imported Taiwan control system, advanced configuration and stable performanc

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