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CNC laser cutting machine safety operation procedures ( PRC laser)

by:Ludiao     2020-09-27
1, should check whether mirror, mirror before starting the cleaning, laser gas road, waterway is obstructed, machine tools, with and without leakage. 2, through to total power supply, water chiller machine power supply, air compressor and dust removal fan power. 3, open the laser working gas CO2, N2, O2 He and auxiliary gas cylinder valve. 4, open the cold press, person. 5, all kinds of gas pressure to adjust to the appropriate value. 6, connected machine tool control power supply, laser power supply ( Pay attention to the open order) 。 7, to start the laser laser machine tool control panel on start switch, vacuum pump turbine work ( The laser cavity pressure system remains in the 100 torr, water flow should be keep in 13 gallons per minute or so, the laser panel working lamp order light Vacuum Pump OnCompressor appear Hold On until the laser panel) 。 8, the optical power adjustment knob counterclockwise to the minimum value, close the high-pressure start switch on the machine control panel and electronic shutter medallion. This work light high voltage start light, laser into the cold start state, about 5 minutes laser end of the cold start, laser into the normal state of normal use laser light. 9, before using laser, check the beam and the nozzle of coaxial, gathered in order to protect the mirror; According to the thickness of a sheet metal to adjust focus of high and low; Adjust the form of the pulse frequency, rise time and duty cycle. 10, start-up and use process, pay attention to the following items: 1) The medallion brake, in addition to the processed workpiece, and other objects should not be in the range of laser irradiation. 2) Operating personnel are strictly prohibited to leave during the run. 3) Once found abnormal, immediately press the abrupt stop switch. 4) Regularly check the cooling water temperature, flow rate and working gas pressure. 11, at the end of the work, close the machine in the following order: 1) The adjustment function of power adjustment knob counterclockwise to the minimum. 2) Close the electronic brake light switch. 3) Close the high-pressure start switch. 4) Close the laser start switch. 5) Turbines stop running, open the Manual on the laser plate Backfill button. Manual Backfill light red Manual Backfill lights, back to the end. 6) Close the laser power supply. 7) Close the machine power supply. 8) Disable power, air compressor and water chiller person mechanical and electrical source switch. 9) Close the laser working gas CO2, N2, He, auxiliary gas O2. 10) Close the air compressor and person. 11) Cleaning up fields and nc machine tools.
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