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Choosing the right stone carving machine improve stone product value

by:Ludiao     2020-09-27
Historically, stone carvings, including lettering, hollow out, Yang carved, Yin carving, and so on, has a long history in China. Especially in ancient times, all of the buildings is inseparable from the stone art decoration. But in the modern society, stone carving because of serious pollution, low efficiency, facing the problems such as artisans reduction, and the computer engraving machine ( The stone engraving machine) The emergence of well solve these problems. Computer engraving machine, CNC stone engraving machine and computer on-line operation, the working process of clean and environmental protection, efficiency, high precision carving. As long as the input sample figure carving into computer, the use of special carved software to professional processing of images, engraving machine carved good images can be processed in according to the desired effect. At present, the carved stone material is widely used in building decoration, outdoor decoration, especially rural dwellings decoration, tombstone artifacts, etc. , are a large number of use all kinds of carved stone products. It is worth noting that the so-called computer engraving machine products on the market is very at present much, but many are not suitable for carved stone, especially not suitable for granite carving and so on big stone material hardness, wreck a serious process will often appear tools being used, the problem such as low efficiency, waste of raw materials, increasing the cost of carving. So, choose stone carving machine must not be fooled by cheap prices, want to choose carefully, adopt special stone engraving machine, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
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