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Carving techniques - — The round

by:Ludiao     2020-10-03
Exquisite carving skill variety, mellow, and introductions to seize in the process of development, the integration of traditional Chinese painting, and a variety of folk craft art and the art essence. Its carving techniques mainly include the round, thin, carve, low relief and high relief carving, chain button, seal carving, carving, carving dashanzi, etc all kinds of carving techniques. The round round round, also known as the three-dimensional carving works, refers to the compression, can appreciate from all the aspects concerned, and the three-dimensional body sculpture. The round is in the carvings on the overall performance of art, the viewer can see objects from different angles of each side. It requires the carver once upon a time, after, left, right, up, middle and down comprehensive sculpt. The round is also varied, technique and the form of graphic and decorative, also have the concrete and the abstract, indoor and outdoor, shelves and large ChengDiao, coloring and shading etc; Sculpture is rich and colorful content and subject matter, can be a person, also can be animals, even still life.
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